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Strategic Search Fields for an Automotive Supplier

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Process development and facilitation, competency mapping, definition and prioritisation of future value creation areas, trend analysis, identification and quantification of search fields, evaluation of market opportunities and compatibility with existing corporate competencies

A major supplier to the automobile industry is looking for growth opportunities beyond its core business. The search field should cover value creation areas capable of being integrated into the existing corporate competencies. Based on competency mapping and a trend analysis within the prioritised value creation areas, Z_punkt identifies and describes a longlist of search field candidates and develops an evaluation criteria catalogue. The aim of all search field candidates is to address value creation areas that will be relevant in the future. The selected search fields are then subjected to an in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis. The result of the project is an attractive search field portfolio, which will be further expanded by Z_punkt in a follow-up project in the following year.