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Strategic positioning for a DIY store chain

Retail Customer Goods
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Process development and facilitation, exploration and analysis of trends, development of a differentiated image of customers’ future behaviour and competitive strategies, exploration and assessment of courses of action, amalgamation in a strategic positioning

The DIY store market is faced with the challenges of new competitors and more volatile customer behaviour. Given this, a DIY store chain is examining its own long-term strategic positioning. How will our customers think tomorrow and what signs are there of new patterns of customer behaviour? What structural changes can we expect among our competitors? How does the company position itself on the market in future? Z_punkt is developing a process that will provide a view ten years into the future for the client. Images of the future for various customer milieus are played through on the basis of a possible framework scenario and details regarding the life situation and DIY are added. Scenarios involving plausible new offer patterns are also being developed for the client’s competitors. An overarching strategic positioning will be defined on the basis of this analysis, which will be used as a guideline for future implementation.