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Z_punkt is a leading international firm of strategic foresight consultants. With value-oriented consulting, Z_punkt designs strategic future dialogues in the public sector and supports companies to leverage growth opportunities in sustainable future markets.  In our projects, we transform the future into something that our clients can understand, experience and, ultimately, shape.



This is how we see our role:


We are your foresight partner. Your concerns are our concerns.


We are a one-stop provider of solutions, offering both ideas about the future and innovative methodologies.


We focus on opportunities – your opportunities. The question is how you can shape the future.


We are opinionated. You benefit from an independent point of view.


We care about sustainability. Just like you do.


We advocate an open, tolerant and emancipated society.


The future needs a creative mindset. We are not traditional consulting types but foresight experts with an interdisciplinary background and many years’ project experience.

Andreas Neef

Managing Partner
Our working relationship with our clients is very intense. It has to be. Our projects depend on great ideas – in most cases, ideas that neither we, nor our clients, would have come up with working alone.

Holger Glockner

Managing Partner
There is an “ah-hah” moment in every project – a moment in which an understanding of where we are going is reached on the basis of our working together, a moment in which the future direction becomes tangible.


We work for many leading companies across a broad range of industries. We have built up close links with many clients over a sustained period of collaboration.