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Der neue Blick auf die globale Dynamik des Wandels

The New View of Global Change Dynamics

With our megatrend update Z_punkt presents an overview of the overarching drivers of global change. Megatrends are driving paradigm shifts within areas of basic need. This leads to the emergence of new growth areas and value creation opportunities. But far-reaching conflict lines in society and politics are also recognisable against the background of the megatrends in question.

Der neue Blick auf die globale Dynamik des Wandels

Kai Jannek, Director Foresight Consulting, will happily discuss with you how you can use megatrends as part of your strategy or innovation activities.
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Megatrends Overview (PDF)

By now, the concept of megatrends as overarching transformation processes is well established in the strategic discourse of both business enterprises and political organisations; they are exploited in multiple ways as the basis for strategy and innovation processes. Rather than considering megatrends in isolation in the course of our projects, we work with you to produce a change map with which the various trends and their integrated ramifications can be understood.

  • Megatrends: megatrends are the drivers of change. We compress the transformation dynamics into a concentrated set of twelve trends for you. The core aspects of the megatrends can be mapped according to traditional indicators of change, but also to new changes which need to be discussed. They provide a basic navigation aid in a complex and confusing world.
  • Areas of need: megatrends transform human needs. We juxtapose these megatrends, which describe the changes from a macro perspective, with a systematic overview of the microcosm of human needs. In essence, there are fifteen areas of human need against which the force of the megatrends can be gauged in a unique way from a corporate perspective, as they also represent attractive opportunities for value creation.
  • Future markets: megatrends drive future markets. The effect of megatrends on the areas of need leads to the emergence of new growth areas and value creation opportunities. In the course of our project collaboration with you, we will take a targeted approach to identifying new issues, which will come to be important for your company.
  • Fault lines: Megatrends not only represent a concentration of opportunity, but can also result in far-reaching upheavals, exposing new fault lines in society and politics. Together with you, we will identity any global risks that are likely to affect your business going forward.

Megatrends: Understanding the Drivers of Change

The new set of megatrends encompasses the structural framework conditions for dealing with political and commercial organisations, but also for people’s individual lifeworlds. The brief descriptions that follow are also available as a PDF download.

  • Demographischer Wandel
  • Anthropogene Umweltbelastung
     Environmental Damage 
  • Gesellschaftliche Disparitäten
  • Neue politische Welt(un)ordnung
     New Political 
     World (Dis)Order 
  • Urbanisierung
  • Digitale Transformation
     The Digital 
  • Globale Machtverschiebungen
     Power Shifts 
  • Biotechnische Transformation
    Biotechnical Transformation
  • Ausdifferenzierte Lebenswelten
    Differentiated Lifeworlds
  • Veränderte Arbeitswelten
     Changed Work 
  • Volatile Ökonomie
  • Business Ökosysteme

Areas of need: Occupying and Shaping Future Markets

In terms of megatrends, our consultancy services are aimed at gaining an understanding of the long-term cause and effect relationships among the trends in question. This requires a sharp intellectual differentiation between the drivers of change (the megatrends) and their effects. For example, “mobility” is often referred to as a megatrend. However, mobility is actually a human need which is influenced by such megatrends as urbanisation, anthropogenic environmental damage and the digital transformation. The concomitant changes can initiate paradigm shifts within the markets associated with the areas of need in question. The transition from private car ownership to networked mobility services is a prime example of such a far-reaching change.

This example also demonstrates how areas of need also tend to be areas of value creation: it is in this context that future markets emerge which your company can occupy and shape. Z_punkt has developed a system for the classification of areas of need, on the basis of which it is possible to systematically identify relevant growth areas and future business opportunities in B2C and B2B contexts based on the specific skills profile of any given corporation. Below, we present a selection of examples, which, in addition to mobility, includes the fields of energy, health, nutrition, communication, housing, beauty, education and pleasure. 

  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01
  • Value creation field 01

Practical Examples: Megatrends as Tool for Strategy and Innovation

Z_punkt has a wealth of experience with megatrends. We would be happy to collaborate with you to develop a project design, which will highlight how megatrends can support strategic and innovative efforts within your company.

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Megatrends and Growth Areas for a Technology Company

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Strategic Innovation Topics for a Chemical Company

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