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Competence mapping, trend identification and analysis, identification of growth areas and competence requirements, gap analysis, competence strategy and roadmapping

As a market leader, the potential for growth is meagre. It is clear to the commodities supplier that he cannot achieve his growth targets with his current business model and competence profile. He needs to reinvent himself. Z_punkt is tasked with the development of a long-term competence strategy. It starts by analysing the company’s skills. It creates a comprehensive picture of the process competences and functionalities of the various commodities in their applications. This picture is compared with future requirements in current and additional attractive future markets. The result is crystal clear: commodities are needed but are not value drivers in their current form. Z_punkt indicates options as to the forms of processing from which the company can generate greater profits from growth. The company already has various competences in-house and only needs to transfer them to new markets. Others will have to be developed from scratch but are linked to promising synergies across several areas of application. All in all, a new competence strategy is developed with which the company prepares for the requirements of the next 15 years.