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Visionary products for a telecommunications group

Technology & Engineering
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Development of a base scenario, ideation, film documentation

The client, a major provider of information and telecommunications services, would like to position ground-breaking product and service concepts as beacon concepts for its own innovation strategy with a timescale of 10 years. On the basis of fundamental assumptions on future social and technological developments in ICT, Z_punkt is developing designs for a portfolio of visionary products. The ideas will be translated into application scenarios in each case, documented in a film and made available in the company via an Intranet platform provided by Z_punkt. The findings of the project will be used as the communication format for the client’s innovation strategy and will be analysed in detail with regard to their feasibility and market potential. Because of the substantial utility of the findings, the innovation foresight process will also be continued in the following two years with a focus on specific issues in each case.