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Energy & Resources

Strategic analysis of trends for a utility company

Energy & Resources
Consulting Service
Strategic Foresight
Corporate strategy/ strategic marketing
Services Provided by Z_Punkt

Process facilitation, analysis of key trends for the future energy market, quantitative modelling with calculation of tipping points, deduction of recommendations for action

The client is a utility company operating in Western European core markets. He is concerned to understand the trends in the environment of his own industry and to sound out strategic implications for his own business. As part of an analysis of trends, Z_punkt has identified the core developments of relevance for the client and his sector. On this basis, specific recommendations for refocusing strategy, both for the company as a whole and for the individual customer segments, were worked out with the client. A quantitative model will also be used to calculate tipping points, which will provide the client with a basis for developing and prioritising new areas of business.