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Service concepts for the airport of the future

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Devising processes and methods, facilitating workshops, identification and description of relevant trend developments, development of future personas, development of objectives, description and visualisation of innovative services

What will airports be like in future? Which services will be offered by airlines and which by airport operators? How can airlines position themselves by offering attractive services on the ground? An interdisciplinary team is looking for answers to these questions in a project for a client from the aviation sector. The client’s product and sector experts are involved, as are foresight experts from Z_punkt. Several different images of the future are emerging, which will shape customers’ experience of tomorrow’s airports in different ways. The objectives are being tested with future personas and enhanced with specific service innovations. Z­­_punkt is providing illustrations and a film of the objectives for internal communication and for testing the concept as part of a downstream customer survey. The findings from the project will be incorporated in the client’s product strategy.