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Foresight platform for the German armed forces

Public Sector
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Public Foresight
Planning department of the German armed forces, Future Analysis section
Services Provided by Z_Punkt

Design of the prototype for a Web platform for security policy analyses of the future, development of the methods pool, software implementation in collaboration with a technical partner

In the Future Analysis section of the German armed forces’ planning department, security experts and scientists focus on future challenges for the armed forces. With the “Risk Assessment & Horizon Scanning” (RAHS) project, the section has set itself the task of making methodological knowledge and online tools for security policy analyses of the future available on a Web platform. On behalf of the German armed forces, Z_punkt has assumed responsibility for the design and software implementation of a prototype for the platform and is developing a comprehensive methods pool containing more than forty methods for analysing the future, which can be combined into individual foresight processes, for scenario or trend analysis for instance, for carrying out Delphi surveys or scanning weak signals. The prototype will also be tested by other public sector entities and industrial partners in the development phase.