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Transformation journey following internal restructuring

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Incisive situation analysis, event design, trend identification and analysis, exhibition of the future, portfolio of creative methods

Two departments are combined in the organisation. Initially, there are many reservations. A team event over several days aims to help new colleagues work together efficiently and in a spirit of cooperation. Z_punkt starts by interviewing participants from both units and discovers that there are significant differences in some cases in their understanding of their responsibilities and roles, communication and processes. The transformation journey therefore has to cover a lot of ground. For the team event, Z_punkt prepares a presentation of the future in which participants are confronted with the future conditions facing their business. The future in all its aspects and with all its challenges is brought to life via various media. Using various creative methods, the participants develop a joint picture of their organisation under the new conditions, of their department and of their own role. In doing so, routines are questioned, pragmatic solutions sought, a common objective and a new self-awareness developed. The new department made a successful start.