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Technology & Engineering

Prozessentwicklung und -moderation, Trendanalyse, Durchführung von Workshops und Experteninterviews, Strategische Implikationen

Technology & Engineering
Consulting Service
Innovation Foresight
Future Business Development
Services Provided by Z_Punkt

Process development and facilitation, analysis of trends, conducting workshops and expert interviews, strategic implications

The client is a mechanical engineering company specialising in water supply and climate technology. Together with Z_punkt, the client would like to find out: which of our existing competencies will allow us to expand beyond our current core business in future? What opportunities and risks are available on the different markets of the future? And what will diversification imply for our corporate identity? The project design initially followed two strands: firstly opportunities for the client were deduced from megatrends. Secondly, competencies were identified from an internal view of the company. The two approaches were combined in a strategic analysis, which examined the growth and risk areas for the client. Building on this, strategic recommendations for action will be developed, which allow innovation activities to be prioritised.