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Analysis of multiple risks for a household appliances manufacturer

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Process development and moderation, risk identification and analysis, interaction analysis, systemic qualitative and quantitative modeling and visualization, strategic derivations

Global risks are not a new phenomenon. However, their dynamics and interconnections have changed, resulting in cascading effects on a new scale. A German household appliance manufacturer has recognized this and wants to increase its resilience in the "age of multiple risks". To do so, Z_punkt is conducting a global risk scanning in a first step and has identified 17 risks that have a high potential for disruption to the value chain. The interactions of these risks are then analyzed using qualitative, systemic modeling. How do they influence each other? What are relevant pathways? Afterwards, we conduct a quantitative analysis of the impact of the risks on selected target issues from the company's value chain, combining this with elements of the scenario methodology. For instance, how might the price of critical raw materials change if extreme weather events become more frequent and protectionism spreads to more and more countries? What would happen if several of these risks occurred at the same time? Afterwards, we work with the company to develop strategic measures that increase organizational resilience and mitigate the consequences of the occurrence of risks in the context of strategic early warning.