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Scenario-based strategic planning

Consulting Service
Organisational Foresight
Chilean private university
Services Provided by Z_Punkt

Competence Mapping, Best Practice Scanning, Interviews, Key Factor and Scenario Analysis, Workshops, Strategic Option Space

A Chilean private university wants to make its multi-year strategic planning future-proof and at the same time test its own mission statement and self-image for its future viability. To carry out the process, Z_punkt was selected as an international service provider, which was deliberately chosen to bring in an external perspective. In a first step, Z_punkt conducts a large number of interviews with stakeholders of the university in order to identify the strengths of the university and to transfer them into a competence map. This will be reflected in an international best-practice scanning. In a second step, key factors for the future of higher education are identified and validated by international and Chilean education experts. On this basis, four scenarios for the future of higher education in Chile are developed. The scenarios are discussed in a workshop in Chile with 80 relevant stakeholders. By pointing out alternative development paths, the participants' existing expectations of the future are questioned. Following the workshop, Z_punkt develops a strategic options space based on the results of the workshop and in close coordination with the strategic planning staff of the university. The option space serves as a springboard for the long-term strategic planning.

Szenariobasierte strategische Planung

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