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Development of a new foresight architecture

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Situation and process analysis, literature research, expert interviews, development of a foresight options, development of alternative foresight architectures, foresight coaching, workshop moderation

The company would like to refocus its trend and environment monitoring function, having been surprised by various new technological and market developments in recent years. Z_punkt starts by analysing the status quo of the trend and environment monitoring function as well as the strategic decision-making processes in the organisation on the basis of interviews and documents. On the basis of Z_punkt’s longstanding consulting experience, comprehensive literature research and selected best practice interviews, alternative options for foresight methodology, responsibility, format and other dimensions are developed. All in all, this results in two alternative process architectures, which are discussed with the wider management team. The department responsible will be supported in implemented the preferred architecture. Among other issues, the search area is refocused and participation in environment monitoring is widened. Parts of the strategy process are also amended to increase agility and linkage with strategic foresight.