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Changed Work Environments

Whether its organisational forms, work equipment, operational profiles or competency requirements – a fundamental change is recognisably taking place in the work environment at levels. Work is being organised on a more flexible basis, both spatially and chronologically, and companies are attempting to dissolve traditional silos in favour of more open structures. Workers are enjoying the support of digital assistant systems, exoskeletons are reducing the strain of physical tasks, artificial Intelligence and robotics are giving rise to novel forms of collaboration and automation. The time contingencies for more complex human activities will increase in future, but workers will be expected to accept more personal responsibility and self-organisation. In addition, they will be required to work continuously on the ongoing development of their personal skills profiles. At the same time, workforces will become more diversified, which will present new challenges for both managers and staff.

  • Decentralised organisation
  • Assisted and automated working
  • More complex tasks
  • Dynamic skills development
  • Increasing diversity