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Growth areas in a post-fossil future

Technology & Engineering
Consulting Service
Strategic Foresight
Executive board, Corporate strategy
Services Provided by Z_Punkt

Process design, scenario development, impact analysis for various sectors, identification and exploration of growth areas, modelling of future markets, workshop moderation, deduction of strategic recommendations

The CEO of a highly diversified business group wants to find out what a post-fossil world in the year 2050 will mean for his business today and where and to what extent growth opportunities will arise. To this end, a team of around 30 junior executives and experienced consultants from Z_punkt is being put together. In the first step, a framework scenario for the world in the year 2050 was developed. It showed a plausible path to a post-fossil future, as well as other framework conditions. In the second step, teams working in parallel specified the framework scenario for various sectors: energy, construction, transport, chemicals, food and health. Growth areas were then identified for each sector and evaluated by the entire team. The growth areas that made it onto the shortlist were further explored: What concrete opportunities do they hold? And: What skills are needed to access them? The expected market potential was also modelled. The most attractive growth areas were presented to the entire team and the Executive Board in elevator pitches. Three promising growth areas were selected. They will subsequently be developed through R&D and M&A activities and will further change the profile of the company. And the team members will also continue to develop. The process was deliberately designed as a leadership and talent development process. And foresight skills are needed for future leadership roles.

Wachstumsfelder in einer post-fossilen Zukunftswelt

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