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Trend-based future insights for an automotive OEM

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Trend analysis, Risks and Opportunities Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Strategic Storytelling, Experience Design

Which technological developments can we expect in the years to come? What trends are shaping and shaking the lifestyles of consumers in Europe, China, and the US? What are our competitors actually doing to be prepared for the future? And what does this all mean for our products, services and business models? These and other important questions were raised by the trend and futures studies department of a major European OEM. To answer these questions, Z_punkt conducted an extensive trend analysis for a total of nine exciting future topics. The analysis not only outlined the relevant future developments and underpinned them with quantitative facts and figures, but also shed light on risks and opportunities as well as strategic courses of action for the OEM. On the one hand, the results were described as a detailed long version in comprehensive reports. On the other hand, the results were transferred into bold and eye-catching presentation slides using different methods of strategic storytelling. The latter were used by the client in internal future labs to convey the key messages in a convincing and fascinating manner and increase the awareness of relevant stakeholders towards future topics and future thinking. The process was flanked by the design of "trend banners" and large-format trend posters, among others. Those were used in the future labs and created a satisfying future experience for all the participants.

Trendbasierte Zukunfts-Insights für einen Automobilkonzern

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