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Retail Customer Goods

Scenario-based portfolio strategy support

Retail Customer Goods
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Strategic Foresight
Services Provided by Z_Punkt

Key Factor and Scenario Analysis, Interviews, Workshops, Process Management, Strategic Option Space, Board Presentation

A German consumer goods manufcaturer wants to put the portfolio strategies in its various business units under scrutiny and lay the necessary foundations for future success. To that end, Z_punkt is commissioned in several projects to design and facilitate an appropriate process and deliberately inspire and steer content development. Moreover, the projects are to initiate a thought process and awareness building for the future need for change. To that end, Z_punkt carries out a system analysis and identifies relevant trends and drivers, inter alia via interviews with external experts and the customer’s upper management and board. The different scenarios that are then developed by Z_punkt in cooperation with the project team depict plausible futures: both for the living environment, and for the market environment, involving a number of threats and opportunities for the customer. Based on this comprehensive groundwork, Z_punkt facilitates a strategic dialogue, in the course of which a strategic option space and strategic recommendations for the company are developed. In conclusion, these are then presented and discussed at a board workshop of several hours and trigger various processes within the company.

Szenariobasierte Unterstützung der Portfoliostrategie

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