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Future energy landscapes

Energy & Resources
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Services Provided by Z_Punkt

Process design, trend analysis, scenario development, impact analysis for various stages of the value chain in the energy sector, identification of strategic opportunities, identification and evaluation of ideal-typical strategic positions, derivation of strategic insights and recommendations, workshop moderation

The energy utility had been exploring new technologies for some time, but now wanted to develop comprehensive environmental scenarios in order to gain a more holistic picture of the future. In close cooperation with a core team of customers, Z_punkt first analyses the trends and influencing factors in the business environment. On this basis, the next step is to develop and visualise a trend-based framework scenario and various alternative scenarios. In a series of workshops with representatives of the individual business areas, the energy landscapes for each scenario are first specified: Total energy consumption, technology mix, degree of sector coupling, grid structure, customer structure, business models, etc. In addition, strategic opportunities in the core business and beyond (Beyond Energy and Non-Energy) are identified. In addition, alternative strategic orientations in the form of ideal-typical players are developed and evaluated across the scenarios. The insights gained are elaborated as recommendations and anchored in the strategic planning process. A scenario monitoring is also set up so that the findings are continuously reviewed and new impulses can be incorporated into the strategy process in the coming years.

Künftige Energielandschaften

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