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Foresight Director

Sivert von Saldern

Sivert von Saldern is Foresight Director at Z_punkt. He oversees innovation and strategy projects for large and medium-sized companies as well as public clients from both domestic and international backgrounds. Together with them, he develops future scenarios, defines strategic visions, and creates roadmaps. Above all, he identifies new growth areas and lays the foundation for future product and service concepts with great creativity. Additionally, Sivert is particularly distinguished by his passion and expertise in technology and innovation management, a focus that emerged during his studies in Business Administration at RWTH Aachen University. His knowledge is incorporated also into regular guest articles for magazines, industry platforms, and podcasts. Sivert's other areas of expertise include the future of mobility and the development of "future personas." With a holistic perspective, he anticipates the needs of tomorrow's consumers and outlines their individual life situations and contextual requirements.

Sivert von Saldern
Key areas
  • Innovation and strategy development
  • Technology and competence analyses
  • Sustainable growth fields
  • Global risks
Core sectors
  • Financial Services
  • Mobility & Logistics
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods