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Foresight Consultant

Pallavi Rao

Pallavi Rao works at Z_punkt as a Foresight Consultant, focusing in particular on urban, spatial and environmental issues. She is an urban developer with a background in spatial design and  economics. Her interest lies in the sustainable and social impacts of urbanisation processes. During her interdisciplinary master’s studies at Technische Universität Darmstadt and University di Roma Tor Vergata, she became involved in projects concerning nature-based urban solutions, participatory planning processes and circular economy. Using a range of analytical, strategic and design research methods brought her to foresight and future studies. Prior to joining Z_Punkt, Pallavi worked as a designer and as a project consultant supporting international development projects.

Pallavi Rao
Key areas
  • Urban Development
  • Sustainability
  • Human Centered Design
Core sectors
  • Education
  • Cities
  • Environment