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Foresight Director

Kai Jannek

Kai Jannek has more than fifteen years of experience as a future consultant. He designs and manages foresight processes for clients from various industries and coaches decision-makers on content-related and process-related future issues. From trend architectures to scenario-based target images, from transformative growth areas to KPI-based monitoring systems, he has mastered the entire range of approaches to strategic foresight. He is passionate about how "the new" enters the world and what life looks like in the "Biological Age". Kai is an experienced speaker and gives talks on the future at various professional conferences and events. Kai studied economics with a focus on strategic marketing and development economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke and Stellenbosch University. For more than ten years he also wrote the science fiction column in the philosophical business magazine agora42.

Kai Jannek
Key areas
  • New technologies
  • Future of consumption
  • Strategic management
Core sectors
  • Chemicals
  • Energy & Resources
  • Retail Customer Goods
  • Technology & Engineering