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Artificial Intelligence in the automobile value chain

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Process design, trend analysis, scenario development, technology potential analysis, impact analysis for various value creation dimensions in the automotive context, identification of strategic opportunities, development of use cases, analysis of technology requirements, derivation of strategic insights and recommendations, expert interviews, workshop moderation, panel moderation

One of the world's leading car manufacturers has already initiated various projects for autonomous driving. At the same time, however, there is a prevailing awareness that artificial intelligence (AI) will not only change driving, but the entire automotive value chain. Z_punkt has been commissioned with a respective project. The first step will be to develop an environment scenario "The World in 2030". It shows which framework conditions can be expected for further AI development until 2030. At the same time, an AI actor and potential analysis will be carried out for 15 automotive-relevant dimensions. For this purpose, interviews with AI experts on all continents will be conducted. The AI potentials are compared with the expected framework conditions and an AI scenario for the year 2030 is developed. Specific action items for the car manufacturer are derived from this scenario. The action items are specified with use cases. The respective technology requirements are defined together with AI experts and appropriate projects are initiated. In a large AI conference at the corporate headquarters, the future assumptions and the AI strategy are presented to managers and selected young talents. Lectures by renowned AI experts from America, Europe and Asia as well as a panel discussion round off the event.

Künstliche Intelligenz in der automobilen Wertschöpfungskette

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