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Foresight Studio

A space for exploration and the experience of compacted foresight power. Dive into the adventure of a new topic and sprint your way to your company´s next innovation initiatives. We provide you with custom-fit research and expert knowledge to guide you through the journey.

What you can expect:

  • In advance research tailored to your company´s briefing and topic
  • 1-2 high energy days of workshop
  • Open for up to 30 people
  • An open, collaborative and highly interactive atmosphere
  • Post-workshop documentation with directly convertible results to continue working 
  • Follow-up support on demand

Old walls, fresh thinking - this is the motto of the Carlswerk quarter, where Z_punkt is based. For the duration of the workshop we will transform our Future Immersion Room to re-create the world of your topic. You could immerse yourself in zero-gravity, experience the forces behind the global transformation or discover the „next big thing“ in technology. We invite you to a space where you can stretch your vision with a little bit of distance to your everyday workplace, gain insights about the future ahead and craft brand new opportunities for your business.


Treten Sie in Ihren Zukunftsraum ein

Step into your future space

Immerse yourself and your team in a day of exploration - come on board and stretch your vision uncovering new innovation possibilities in the future space economy. Thermal imagery satellites tracking wildfires, asteroid mining or luxury space hotels - discover your
company´s opportunities in this creative one-day workshop.

Bleiben Sie relevant!

Stay meaningful, stay relevant!

Explore your company‘s purpose and uncover future potentials: in the light of accelerating digitisation and a transformative shift towards decarbonisation, Purpose Driven Innovation helps businesses to stay relevant and successful. Join our creative one-day workshop and discover how your company can innovate with a defined purpose in mind.

Was wird das nächste große Ding?

What will be the next big thing?

Digital technologies are buzzing everywhere. Some are magical and blow our minds. Some are future game changers, while others are just a flash in the pan. 6G, quantum computing or emphatic machines - explore the fascinating world of digital technologies with us – and find out, which one(s) will help your company to create the “next big thing”.

Was wird das nächste große Ding?

Get the big picture

The world is changing fast. New technologies open up new markets and unsettle old certainties. Power shifts are taking place, societies are changing. Ecological distortions question the dominant lifestyle.
Join us in exploring the major drivers of the change that lies ahead to be prepared for the challenges to come and to discover major growth areas.

Nutzen Sie die grüne Chance!

Seize the green opportunity!

Climate change is here to stay. So is the public debate about it. Businesses need to slash carbon emissions and renew their license to operate. What a great opportunity! Slip into the cape of a climate superhero with us in this creative workshop session, and find out how to get ahead of the competition while tackling the climate challenge.

Erfinden Sie Ihre Unternehmens-DNA neu

Reinvent your corporate DNA

Man becomes an evolutionary force that creates autonomous systems, smart materials and artificial beings. Deep Design is based on the progress in nano and biotech, material science and engineering and puts people increasingly in a position to interfere creatively with  nature, from functional bacteria and smart surfaces via growing human organs in the lab to climate engineering. Discover the implications and opportunities for your company in a deep workshop session.